Friday, 26 December 2008

Day 5: Seeking Solace

I must have restarted this one about a thousand times over. I had a really clear idea that I desperately wanted to use but... I could portray it quite as I wanted to so I gave up and in the end, decided to go back to this painting which I actually started quite a while ago - so I decided to finish that for Seeking Solace instead. Otherwise I would never ever have moved on. I was disappointed enough to have missed doing the Christmas Day one and it's not as though it was because I didn't have time; I just found myself completely unable to get across the idea I wanted. Either way, I thought I'd show you some of the other stuff I did too. I've got about 10 versions of 'Seeking Solace'.

Basically, I was trying to get across the idea of desperately looking for someone in whom you can take solace... but being unable to find someone who is prepared to listen without passing judgement. But also, it's about then bottling things up and keeping everything to yourself, essentially. So again, I am taking a negative perception of the offered theme... looking at it in reverse. How pessimistic of me! Anyway, if you click on the little ones you can get a bigger view. The one with the path was a bit of a laugh... What can I say? I love bright colours and cute things.

Oh, anyway. The one I have actually gone ahead and posted. The lyrics are of course from Exit Music, Radiohead. That one is looking more at isolation and nature as a form of escape and comfort. Ignoring how childish it is, it's got a very preraphaelite feel to it... which is all lover-ly.

Hopefully I can try to forget 'Seeking Solace' and move on with my life and onto 'Break Away.'

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