Saturday, 10 January 2009

Day 19: Grey.

This is kind of a review of a poem I wrote a long time ago. I'm coming to find that a lot of people around me have become very cynical and have been worn down by their progression to adulthood. I guess... I find it sad... because in a way it's like a tiny death in one way but in another way it's the death of an entire personality that I loved.

I've seen it happen quite a few times and it's very... disheartening.

Anyway, I don't like this piece. At all. Ho ho ho.

I like the little crow-thing on the bench though. That is mighty cute.


  1. Cynicism is a very bad habit, Clare... so whatever you do, don't get that one!

  2. Oh yeah... the
    It does reflect the theme very well...hehehe