Monday, 12 January 2009

Day 21: Vacation.

I would say that I had a little bit of trouble this one. Basically I think it was originally because of the origin of the word 'vacation' and how it's not really a word I would use. Anyway, once I had got past that issue, I realised that I actually had no idea of what I would do.

I had this idea of doing something about how people often don't really enjoy the time they get off from work because they end up working through their holidays as well. Generally, I liked the idea of doing it about people who find it hard to leave work behind them... which I think is most people really.

I found myself itching to do some image-manipulation today so I was playing around a bit and have decided to put up a couple of bits I did.

Other than the bold colours, I don't think there is an awful lot I like about this post. I've been told that I am being picky but I am fairly certain that the reality is that people are just being polite.


  1. I find it difficult t relate to the word vacation too and somehow it relates to vacant!
    I like the drawing in black and white. The person looks relaxed enough - my idea of a good "vacation"!