Thursday, 15 January 2009

Day 23: Cat.

Somewhat bizarrely, this actually took me a really long time. It's not of a very good quality... at all. Basically, I got really hung up on wanting to have really straight lines and just because of the nature of the canvas, I couldn't get them. When I have got a better image of it I will put that up. The one up currently is just a webcam shot because whenever I have taken a picture of it so far, it's just been too shiny and... yeah. Blah. Whereas in this one, I suppose a lot of the colour has been lost. Originally I was going for a kind of... Art Deco thing. And I was going to put more in the composition than I did. Specifically I had a design for a window to go in the corner but my first canvas was destroyed in mysterious circumstances and so I used a far smaller canvas (about A5, the original being A3...) so I thought it would look better left simpler.

I have been considering doing a second one of the same size in a similar style to make a set.. maybe?

I also thought it might be cute to put up a picture of my workspace at the time because it was such an absolute mess, haha. So there you go. Enjoy.

Um, yeah. Hopefully I will remember to put up a better image soon.

OH, LORDY! I forgot! So there is a story behind this one. I was thinking ages ago about what I'd do for each one and when were back at 'Memory' I considered doing this and then went for something else. When I was little and I still lived in Hythe with mum and dad, Sarah and I were always really naggy about pets but dad was allergic to cats. So mum painted a stencil silhouette of a black cat at the bottom of the stairs. And this is kind of what this is about. My first cat :)

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