Friday, 30 January 2009

Day 24: No Time.

So, I'm back. I took my time, rather. Basically I took a couple of weeks off due to a massive college/UCAS issue. But I've got positive replies for my top two univerities now so I don't feel too stressed out about the whole shebang.

Onto the theme. 'No Time' had me a little stumped although when I originally got this topic I ended up watching a brilliant Lost episode that centred around time travel and one of my favourite characters which then ended up in a couple of pieces of Lost fanart, especially since I then went on to be quite ill that weekend.

I didn't really want to submit Lost fanart to this thing because it didn't feel right so I kept exploring various ideas and images different ideas to convey and eventually came out with the main piece which I thought was quite cute. It's bigger than most of the pieces I have done so far, even though it's only A4. I used oil pastels that my dad got me for my birthday :) It was actually my dad who got me into oil pastels in the first place which is cool :)

The silhouette in the background is supposed to be of some cute-sie creatures building a church which was meant to represent people who feel the need to devote their lives to religion or work as the piece overall was about how you can be making the most of your life when you're doing nothing at all; that simply enjoying your surroundings is a good way to spend life. On the back I wrote "there's not enough time to be worrying about wasting it."

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  1. Your pictures are amazing...

    I love the red creature.... I wouldn't miond one of those as a pet!