Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Day 9: Drive.

I did a few versions for this one... again. I keep finding that there are loads of directions that I could go in and then being unsure of which direction to then take. Anyway, I chose this one in the end, as opposed to the others which were more car-related, if a little experimental. Meanwhile this one is more about 'drive' in a motivational sense.

Particularly, this is looking at how as a person I gain a lot of zest for life and inspiration from the people around me, particularly people for whom I have romantic feelings (interesting phrasing there...). This looks a little weird but the idea is that she is being carried away from the flames by the heart. It doesn't really have the sense of movement that it should but that's just because I am unimpressive :( and perhaps I didn't really think about enough before doing it, haha. Um, the symbols in the heart do mean something... you can be assured of that.

Generally... I'm not sure I actually like this one but it's the best of a bad lot.

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