Thursday, 4 June 2009

Day 39: Dreams.

Can you believe how long this took me? Because I can. I have the gift of faith, you see. I did about 4000 versions of this which is why the title has gradually changed over time, much like how the message of God gets distorted through time.

This isn't one of my best pieces but it isn't one of my worst either. I painted it really quickly because I wasn't feeling very patient and so it's an incy wincy bit messy. But on the other hand, wow, look - It's done.

This one is about dreams in a sense of surrealism and comfort. I've been having a lot of comforting dreams lately as opposed to the ones I get more often and so I thought I would do a piece that had a touch of surrealism in the colours and the presence of all the watching eyes, mixed with the idea of comfort, perfection and warmth that dreams can have.


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  3. The bird <3

    He's got a neck and everything.

  4. This one is magical......

  5. How beautiful. Lovely work. The colors are indeed amazing. Nice blog :)