Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Day 45: Illusion.

Mm, I did this ages ago. Weirdly, I got into the habit of painting onto tissues on a whim because I noticed that they soak up colour just beautifully. It honestly looks so delicious when you're doing it. Trust me to drag in the word 'disillusionment' eh? That word suits my day to day life ridiculously well, mainly because I my perception of everything around me is mainly made up of illusions that I create for myself. Somehow, they seem to make life seem a little more beautiful for a short while. After a while, it gets a bit difficult and tiresome to keep trying to keep myself blinded to the reality of everything.

On a slightly less bleak tone: wow, bright colours.

Oh, this is another version I did way back. It's pretty much on the exact same theme just obviously there is a massively obvious visual metaphor sat plainly in view whereas the one I prefer is pretty abstract and indistinct. I did ages ago when I was on the canal boat with my entire family... It was a nice weekend on the canal It was cramped and a little bit stressful at times but I slept on the living room floor next to the fire that weekend so that was pretty cosy.

I really miss my family which is interesting since the next theme is.... 'family.' That will keep me frustrated for a while. Oh, theme list.

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