Monday, 1 March 2010

Day 44: Two Roads.

Mmhm. Two Roads. I'm still barely getting anywhere with this list but hey, one day I'll finish itand then I'll probably mourn it. True. I decided to give up with this. I've been working on it for ages. I actually have a lot more versions than this, including an oil pastel version which is pinned to my wall but I'm not particularly fond of any of them really.

I decided to settle on the one that got across the idea that I had in my head that was strongest. I was working with two things in mind. A visual idea and a more conceptual one. The visual one was obviously about hands and was born out of thinking about life-lines and that kind of thing. The conceptual idea was more to do with the idea that there are any number of ways that you can choose to live your life but everybody ends up in the same place ultimately. I suppose that sums it up. But you could apply that idea in a less bleak way.

These ones were all just watercolour and ink pens. Usually I'd be all about the biro but I've been in the mood to see ink run. There's something delicious about it. I'd rather like to incorporate that image into a film somewhere sometime.

As much as this one has driven me completely up the wall, I've enjoyed painting again. Hopefully it continues a little longer this time before I get distracted from it all again. I think it would probably be fairly beneficial if I did keep doing it as I can feel myself slipping out of the mania a little which is worrying on the verge of a fairly big project...

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