Sunday, 18 July 2010

Day 48: Childhood.

So, this came out of two places... firstly, the idea that people spend way too much of their time wishing their lives away, rather than enjoying the benefits of where they are at that specific time and the second is a more focussed version of that point: that children wish away their childhood because they want to grow up. Obviously, that's really depressing from this side of the fence. Why would anyone want to give up childhood for responsibility?

I've actually drawn this a few times now and lost it. And uh, just now I painted it in a lonely, weeping rage. So... it's finally done. Enjoy?

Anyway, you can have two versions. The actual painted version and a manipulated one. God knows, I love to be manipulative. But then, that's a perk that I've enjoyed since childhood. It's not an adult perk!

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