Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Day 52: Deep In Thought.

The creation of this piece was a little bit muddled, in that I originally drew a man witnessing an explosion and just standing there.  I initially wanted to capture the feeling I get a lot of being really immersed in experience, in all the small things around me.  I had this dream once that I saw a mushroom cloud in the distance and that I just stood in awe, completely calm.  Fascinating, huh?  Yawn.  Anyway, so I was drawing that and then I didn't really like it so I changed it a little and turned the mushroom cloud into a tree.

I went ahead and painted it and then when I was nearing finishing it, I realised that it is very similar to a piece I fell in love with a while ago: Wow.  I'd already painted a lot of it and was quite fond so I figured I'd post it anyway alongside encouraging you to go and admire that far better, very beautiful painting.  Lovely.

Oh, and here a couple of colour variations:

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