Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Day 54: Tower.

"...and as the child in her was playing the oldest game in the world, her body, following the course of her imagination, had climbed to the sill of the window where it stood with its back to the room.  For how long she would have stood there had she not been jerked back into a sudden consciousness of the world - by someone knocking upon the door of her room, it is impossible to know, but starting at the sound and finding herself dangerously balanced upon a narrow sill above the deep water, she trembled uncontrollably, and in trying to turn without sufficient thought or care, she slipped and clutching at the face of the wall at her side found nothing to grasp so that she fell, striking her dark head on the sill as she passed, and was already unconscious before the water received her, and drowned her at its ease."

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  1. Perfect. The passage you quoted suits the painting beautifully.